Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Utilizing "Quick Nav" On Your Bluetooth Keyboard For Ipad

I bet you're super siked about your new Bluetooth Keyboard. this will make typing your documents, emails and what not super easy right? But what happens when you can't get a single letter to type on the screen? The arrows and function keys work... but nothing else... WHAT IS WRONG?!?!?!

Don't panic, there is an easy fix to this problem...

Are you ready for this? Do you think you can handle it? This could quite possibly be responsible for single handedly blowing your mind. Please read on at your own risk. Be aware that Playing The Blind Card will not be responsible for any such casualties that may come to pass as a direct result of reading these instructions.

Now that you have been appropriately warned... here we go...

Why you are in the typing field in which you wish to type, you must ensure that "quick nav" is tuned off whily your doing your marvelous typing. In order to do this simply follow these steps...

Step 1:
Press the right and left arrow at the same time.

Step 2:
Enjoy typing

Step 3:
When you are finished typing and want to go back to navigating your Ipad, follow step one again to turn "quick nav" back on.

That's it!

I know, it's a bit anticlimactic isn't it? But this will work and you will be eternally grateful for this infomation. I know I was when a good friend of mine clued me onto it.

Thanks for reading and as always... keep your head up... you can't see the ground anways

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