Friday, February 20, 2015

New Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard

I recently got a new keboard from Apple. It is a Logitech Easy Switch Bluetooth Keboard .It was a gift I received because of some issues I had over the holidays with them.

Please don't misunderstand... Apple didn't actually do anything wrong. The problem I was having was a technical probelm that was beyond their control. They did an amazing job handling it however, and stuck with me until the problem was resolved.

So far this keyboard is amazing. I am still learning how to use it though, so I am not ready to do a full review or demo on it yet.

Do any of you have one of these baby's? They are all kinds of cool just saying.

Long story short, I think this will help with some of the complications I have been having with my computer. Having this will allow me to do some of my writing on my Ipad. Thus, I'll be able to keep up more frequently here on Playing the Blind Card.

I plan to be incorporating many new things to the site. I am hoping to find someone to assist me with some new visual characteristics at some point. Most importantly, I plan on changing up the content.

There will be new segments added... Some that are possibly in the works...

Book Buzz: This is where I will review books that I am reading. This could also be a possible opportunity for readers to contribute to the blog as well.

Interviews: I am still very interested in interviewing other blind and visually impaired people for the page. I want to talk to you about many topics that could include day to day life, parenting, jobs, travel, and any thing else under the sun that comes up. I think it is important to show seers as well as blindy's that there is life beyond the cane so to speak.

Author Updates: Of course there will be this section. As new things come up with my books, you my lovely readers will be the first to know..

Did That Really Just Happen: I realize I have fallen very behind with this segment. It is much loved and much requested amongst readers. Never fear, it will be back. Very soon in fact. Something very recent just happened that I think you will all get a kick out of that happened between two different blindy's.

Tech Talk: There will be more reviews and how to type posts about different products, applications, games and other technology. I would love to eventually increase this section. I am still researching how to get my hands on different demo materials to show you guys.

Parenting: A huge debate I have noticed in Facebook groups lately, and also in questions I get in real life, is about blind parenting. In can be a touchy subject for some people. Personally I think that is a bit silly because a blind or visually impaired person can parent just as affectively as a seer. In some cases, they can do it better. So this section will explore this tipic. There will also be some advice sections and opportunities for readers to contribute posts and or questions they want answered.

Randomness: As always, I promise to have as much random as possible. Again, thanks to my new keyboard, I think I will be able to bring you more material more frequently.

Did I mention that so far I love this keyboard? Well if I haven't, let me just say... I love this keyboard.

The only thing I have a problem with so far is that when using it with my Ipad, I do not know how to select and icon. Also, on my Iphone, it doesn't want to seem to allow me to type in areas such as text messages and notes. For the second problem, I think the problem is simply that I need to change a seeting on my phone. I just don't know what. As far as the first, I have no idea what I need to do. I am at a complete loss. If anyone has any tips, I would be very very excited.

Well that's it for now guys. As always, thanks for reading. Remember... Keep your head up... you can't see the ground anyway :)


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