Saturday, January 4, 2014

Long time no see

So, I have been gone for quite a long time. I promise I have not forgotten you! You guys are awesome, amazing, incredible… Totally and freaking great!

The problem has been with me, not you. So I know that people say things like that, and don't really mean it. In this case however, I totally mean it. Problem number one, my computer… It is an amazingly wonderful laptop that I received for Christmas last year. It is wonderful, amazing, incredible, fantastic, stupendous… All of those things. The only problem is, the talking software.  For me personally, it totally blows. I will not name names here though however. The reason being, is it is quite possible that is simply an operator error.  You see, I am a creature of habit. Therefore, I have been using jaws for so long, maybe I am just having an possible time adjusting to the new program. That being said, I don't want to talk trash about a potentially good product.

So for now, I am using my iPhone to blog. I've tried the blogger app for iPhone before. It didn't work for me back then. So far, so good. Hopefully this will work for a while until I can get some things situated with my computer. I will keep you updated on this progress. I do hear that this way is easier to post pictures. That would be a new interesting dynamic for the blog. I know that not all of you can see, but for those of you can, I will try and post pics now and then

The other issue I've been having is more of a life situation. Is something personal to do with my family life. I cannot go into it here as it is too private. However, I am trying to get it all sorted out. I think we've made great progress. I'm hoping things will be back to normal soon.

Do you ever feel like you were outside your body? Simply a spectator? Well, that is how I have felt for the past few months. I am working on it. It's going okay. I hope everything will work out. In fact, I'm confident that it will. I am too stubborn for it not to

Unfortunately, my writing, my blogs, and my Facebook for writing and blogs, has suffered. I hope that with this new app, and the new cool dictate feature on my iPhone, I will be able to keep up with you guys better. There is no app that I have found yet for my writing. I hope maybe one will come up someday. Until that happens, I am in a little bit of a standstill with that. However, I would like you to know that divinity is done. I am just in the process of trying to get the second half edited. I am also working on a short story for an anthology to be published soon. Also clandestine's audiobook is in production as we speak. The new narrators are awesome! Absolutely wonderful! They are working diligently to get the book done so that you guys can enjoy it like everyone else. There's great music wonderful narration and I am lucky enough to have two different readers a male and a female. This will make The story come alive to your ears. I am so excited! I can't wait to see what you all think

Another new situation has come alive in my life. This one though, is a good one! I have a new relationship! Believe it or not, he is a BL IND why just like us! He is seriously one of the coolest people I have ever me. So, I just discovered one problem with this app. When you make a spelling error, it doesn't let you go back and fix it. It just makes a crashing sound. Therefore, apparently, when there are errors I just have to let them go. I do not like it I was trying to give my new boyfriend the nickname that I give all of us blind people. It you haven't guessed yet he is blind just like me. Unlike me, he was born blind. That is been a little different, but not all bad. It is been interesting to see the differences between the way the two of us do things. I hope to blog about some of that soon. I will also be checking in with you now and then to let you know how the other things in life are going. Providing this app continues to work, there won't be as long in between posts anymore. I will try and post pictures. I will try and be more diligent in my ability to stick with you and to talk to you about what is happening with everything. However, there is a lot going on, things are hectic… So, it's possible there will be gaps.  This of course is not because I don't love all of you. Because of course, I completely do! You guys are awesome! If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be on this blog and published and being sold to the masses. I just don't want to bombard you with postings that are interesting. I don't want to ramble about dryer lint or anything else that you won't find to be worth reading. So when I have something to say, I promise I will jump on here and say it.

So I was always, keep it real… Be yourself. And above all else make sure to love one another.

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