Friday, March 14, 2014

To self publish or not to self publish

So as pretty much all of you know, I have been trying my hand at the self-publishing gig for the past couple years now. I only have the one book out. You can find clandestine in print and also in e-book online at Amazon, and Barnes & Noble and whatnot. However as I lay here in bed, I keep circling around the same question… What am I doing? Do I really have any business self-publishing?

Let's face the facts…

I really have absolutely zero experience with the book industry. I do not know anything about distribution. I have no idea on where to start with marketing tactics. Platform? I don't even have a stepstool LOL

In order to make money at selling books, you need to have money so that you can advertise and get your book in people's faces. I am not going to lie, I don't have a lot of money to do that. I would love to… I need to… It's crucial for the life of my career after all. So what now then?

If you stood there for more than five seconds… Looking completely puzzled… And finally coming to the conclusion that you had no answer to the last question… You pretty much were just looking in the mirror at me!

Part of me is very highly considering trying the traditional publishing route. I do love the concept, theory, and overall freedom that self-publishing has to offer. The only problem is, with some of the problems listed above as well as some that have not even been mentioned, it might not be the right choice for everyone. And by everyone, I mean myself mainly.

Nothing is set in stone yet. I have not made any final decisions. I have just been having trouble sleeping lately, and thereby, millions of ideas are bouncing around my poor head. I am mostly mind babbling, vent rambling, and trying to put myself into a sleep coma by overworking my brain I guess LOL

I worry that if I have already started the self-publishing game… How can I possibly get my foot in the door on the total opposite end of the field? Also, since the series bound in blood has started self published… Should be finished self published? Is it possible to start one way and and a completely other direction? I have no idea

I would absolutely love to find an author who has gone through this same situation that I am now. Basically, I am hoping that someone will let me completely pick apart their brains until I can make a decision for myself. I figure there probably has to be at least one person out there who has thought about this, and hopefully even tried it. If I'm lucky, I will be able to find someone was successful at it. Or, if nothing else, someone who can tell me that I'm being a complete and utter spaz and that I should just stay right where I'm at and do completely what I'm doing. I would be cool with either option really

Is this really something that I should be talking about in the public eye? The answer that I have come up with is who knows? I know I sure don't. However, I figure the only way to find someone that might have an idea for me is to put it out there. Besides, they always said that honesty is the best policy. I am not to this day completely sure who they are, but they sure seem to know their stuff

For now, this is all I have to say on this subject. I will probably come back and talk about this sometime in the future. Hopefully, I will be blessed to give you a rational well-thought-out decision. If not, sorry for that… Hope you enjoy the ride anyway… Until then, look before you leap


  1. Hello Nicole, thanks for a good post.

    You are not wrong in asking your questions publicly. I am sure many of your readers will appreciate your honesty and want to support you.

    I have no experience with publishing books, but have built several businesses over the last thirty something years.

    From my experience you seem to be at the pivot point of any business owner, you have created a real thing fromyour own imagination and now have a physical manifestation of the idea.

    Now you are at the point where there is not much creativity in your original sense but you are at the point of hard slog, pushing forward to get others interested in your product.

    Stick with your ideas. They will work out, build up your second and third tier ideas, the more you are out there, the more chance you have of being found.
    You may be in this phase for a good while, often a year or two, things can seem tough, but you are tougher.

    All the best.


  2. Hi Nicole, I have just discovered your blog and came across this post.
    As I have self-published one book and am in the process of my next...I thought I would leave some thoughts for you...
    The main thing to know is that there are no rules, no shoulds! There are pros and cons for either self-publishing or going to a traditional publisher, the decision can be found in your personality, what suits you and by listening to your intuition.
    I came across a great article I would have to Google to find but if you would like to email me ( I would be very happy to send it to you - really explores the pros and cons of this burning question.
    Personally, I like the self-publishing route simply because it gives me more control over the entire process - I have sent work to publishers who just never reply, all the while my life goes by in their hands.. and as I am a type of person who likes to get things done, I like to be at least getting on with the job of writing my stories for self-publications.
    Then, yes there is the marketing aspect, but I am building my platform and finding the more you put your work and delightful face out there, the more people find you and your 'fame' grows bit by bit, but in a way that is heart warming and easy to handle.
    Nicole, even famous authors are also now turning to self-publishing as well, they believe they can share in the best of both worlds and the internet has made this so easy fo rall of us to participate in - so I would say, do what feels right for YOU!
    Best wishes,
    Maribel in Australia

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