Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review of This Is Forty

I recently went and saw the moview This Is Forty. It goes along with the funny Knocked Up.

This movie is insanely funny from start to finish. Honestly, I laughed so hard that I felt like I did a hundred crunches by the time I left the theatre.

As a blind viewer, there were few parts that didn't have any form of verbal things going on. By this I mean there were about three music sequences where there was no talking.

Yes, some of the comedy was aimed at a visual audience, but what I didn't get to see didn't take away from the movie. It was totally hillarious. I would just recommend taking a sighted person with you to fill you in to the visual parts.

I give this movie five starts and thumbs and toes up. I recommend it for anyone with a funny bone in need of exercise. This pretty much means all adults. It isn't age appropriate for the kiddos:)

Happy viewing:)

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