Thursday, March 22, 2012

Introducing My New Blog

It is still in the beginning stages but I have started a new blog today to talk about my writing. It doesn't have a lot to it yet but I hope you all will check it out and subscribe.

Once you are there you can click on the link labeled "Clandestine" to read a blurb about my upcoming book. It will be out soon in Print and EBook format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ITunes and hopefully at some point on book shelves at local book stores:) That last one is more of a dream of mine but we will see what happens.

I will still of course be writing for this blog so don't worry. In the very near future I will be publishing a post entitled "The Real Blind Date". The name obviously speaks for it's self so I wont bother summarizing but I know you will love it.

Please check out the new blog "Nicole Rae's Blog" and be sure to subscribe. I am also now on Twitter and you can find me at NicoleRae@NicoleRae83.There is a direct link to my Twitter on this site already and one will be up on the new blog tomorrow. The address for Nicole Rae's Blog is

I am getting ready after publishing this post to add a link list feature to this site and it will have a direct link to the new blog for your convenience. For all my fellow blindy's if you scroll down until you find the heading "Visit My Other Pages", the link will be under that.

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