Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Reactions To Staring

Have you ever been out in public and felt eyes boring into your back? Did you ever wonder what you could say to them instead of the expletives that may be floating around your head? If you answered yes to either question this list can help you. The following are things you can say to your admirer while still being appropriate for public consumption.

1. “Can I help you?”

2. Turn around in their direction and blow a raspberry at them.

3. “I know I have a cute butt but could you please stop staring at it?”

4. “Peek a boo… I see you”.

5. Look right in their direction and say, “you have a little something on your teeth.” Don’t forget to point to your own teeth showing them where. This will leave them even more confused.

6. Start dancing wildly and really give them something to look at. Keep in mind this may promote more staring but for an entirely different reason.

7. Try and get as close to them as you can and ask, “Does that help you see me better?”

8. “Staring is how I became blind... just sayin.”

9. “I’m sorry I’m not telepathic so I don’t know what you’re trying to say. Could you please speak outside of your mind?”

10. Turn to them and say, “Did you know?” and then add in something really embarrassing and awkward that is totally random but making them regret they got your attention in the first place.

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