Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blind People Doing Big Things...Blind Hunter

A lot of sighted and even some of the sightless people pigeon hole the blind community as merely part of the vast group of disabled population in the world. Some people may even assume that certain activities are beyond a blind or low vision person’s capabilities. In pretty much all cases this is completely untrue. As long as the word “can’t” is not a part of their active vocabulary there’s very little they are unable to accomplish. All they need is the drive and motivation to get the task done.

While perusing the internet I found a man with just that kind of motivation. I came across this video last week on You Tube. It is a great example that blind people can do anything they set their mind to regardless of their limitations. In this video you will see a man named Mike Sanders. It was taken August 1, 2008.

The video captures Sanders and company on a hunt at 6:50 am. He used a .308 caliber rifle. Before watching be sure to turn your speakers up. You can hear the two men whispering while they prepare.

In the beginning, Sanders’s companion tells him where to aim the rifle. The desired target was an antelope off in the distance. You can hear the companion telling him in which direction to point the gun. They do this until the aim is exactly how they want it.

Once given the go ahead Sanders makes his shot. His companion and the person behind the camera informed him that the antelope was down. He made his kill. The pride his friends felt for him was evident even in just listening to the video.

Sanders was elated at the news. He sounds as though he was totally astounded by his own accomplishment. He even asks his friends more than once, “Did I get it?” His feeling of victory was very powerful.

Several people commented on the video of Sanders. One commenter said, “What a fantastic story, you are a true inspiration!! Your excitement after the shot is absolutely priceless. Congrats!!!”. Most of all the comments were similar models to this one. There’s even a comment from a blind user asking for hunting tips on sighting a gun.

I myself am not a hunter, but I too was moved by what I heard. His excitement was infectious. Check out the video and see what I mean.

PS… No worries for anyone with a weak stomach. The clip does not show the antelope fall.  Also, to my brother Bob... See! I told you I could go with you! :)

Disclaimer: I hold no rights to this video. I’m merely posting it as a fan.


  1. That is totally wicked. So you've already driven, what's next on your list of to do?

  2. I would like to go water skiing, snow boarding, sky diving and I want to be a published writer.


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